Thursday, September 25, 2014

What Happens after death?

It has been a sad week in Greenland.  Some friends of ours visited us right after we returned from Denmark.  Their baby was 6 weeks old and a real cutie.  The very next morning the family was sent to Nuuk, the capital city, because their baby was very sick.  Two days later, the baby died. 
Since we have a car now, we were able to help in ways many cannot, but this also meant we got a closer look behind the scenes:  The baby died on a Tuesday in Nuuk and the parents were stranded there because of the weather.  They were not able to fly home until Saturday.  We drove many family members to the airport, so they could show their love and support.  The baby’s body arrived the day after.  In Greenland, there is no embalming or preservation of dead bodies before burial.  There are no funeral directors, funeral homes or morticians here. 
The casket was taken to what we call “The Death House.”  This is a small 15 x 20
building where all dead bodies are delivered and kept until burial.   Since the body of the baby had been transported by plane, it had to be sealed inside the casket.  I helped unseal the casket.  The body had been wrapped in aluminum and welded shut.  This aluminum shell was then placed into the casket.  We used tin snips to cut open the aluminum shell.  Then my friend held the dead body in his arms as his wife brushed the saw dust from the shroud of her dead baby.  I removed the aluminum shell and they put their little baby back inside the casket. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Beginning of Winter...

It's just a dusting of snow, but it sure made some very excited kids in our house this morning!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Thank you all for your kind notes expressing your condolences on the Home-going of my Mom.  Although we'll never stop missing her, I'm so thankful to know that we WILL see her again!  Heaven gets sweeter every day.

After a private burial for just immediate family, we held two memorial services in two separate states.  Mom's Memorial services were attended by more than 400 hundred people.  Many people shared memories of Mom's beautiful smile and joyful spirit.  Several pastors spoke on the Proverbs 31 woman that Mom emulated every day. I've been blessed with a godly Heritage and a wonderful example to follow!  Her prayer life and relationship with the Lord were mentioned frequently by all of her children and has become some of our sweetest memories.  There is something precious knowing your Mom prays daily for you to a Lord that she is in close communion with. As a first generation Christian it was her greatest desire that all of her children would serve the Lord and marry godly mates.  ALL 8 of her children are serving the Lord in 3 different countries and are all married (or soon will be) to Christian mates.

It's still hard to believe she's really gone, but I'm so thankful that Good-bye is not forever.  Life is short and only what is done for Christ will last.  Mom finished well.  Only eternity will show the impact she made on this world.


Because of my Mom's passing I spent a week in the States with my Dad and siblings.  I have now returned to my family and we are currently spending a couple of weeks in Denmark visiting friends and a couple churches here.

I know I've been absent on the blog for a while, but I'll be catching up sometime in the near future.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Carole's Mom Susie Nissley passed into glory this morning.

Our hearts are grieving over this great loss, yet at the same time, our hearts are rejoicing that Susie is now healed and in the presence of the Lord that she loved so dear.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

First Annual Baptistit Oqaluffiat Picnic!

Today we had our first annual church picnic!  Everyone had a good time!  We also invited the folks Chris ministers to at the prison.  Chris's Dad took several pictures and both parents were a big help with the food and games!  We're excited about what God is doing here in Greenland!

Everyone enjoyed the three-legged race

Grammy and Granddad cooked the hot dogs and manned the fire

Fun in the Sun
Group Shot

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More Family Visits!!!

This will definitely be a summer to remember!  Chris's mom and dad arrived Tuesday for a visit.  We're very excited and happy to have them here and plan to enjoy every minute of the next two weeks!!!
Spoiled Grandkids!

They are Here!

We asked for Marshmallows... Grammy Delivered!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

To Survive in Greenland, it helps to have...

A Sense of Adventure

Chris and Christopher really wanted to take us to the halfway point  on the way to RodeBay, so we packed a lunch and plenty of snacks and started off...

The ground was too wet to go too far, but we enjoyed several hours hiking and picnicking,
and here we are at the "finish line"

Jonathan "Mountain Climbing"

Hiking along the shore

The End of the Line

Some of us stay behind and watch the ones on the "dangerous spots"

Sometimes it's nice to wave at the passing tourists...

And sometimes you just need to stop and smell the flowers.
 As well as...

A Sense of Humor

It's quite possible you'll need to bail out the boat before you sail.

 �� Following the Leader ��

Our "Little Town"

When you go ice fishing you can always expect to bring home... Ice!

Jonathan being Jonathan

Some people get a little crazy around midnight

Speaking of crazy...

One small step for man...


One, Two, Three JUMP!

Another thing I love about Greenland: Dandelions are considered pretty flowers to display

Friday, June 06, 2014

With God All Things Are Possible!

2 months, 2 weeks and 3 days ago we handed in our paperwork for Permanent Residency.  The Danish Immigration Service informed us that they would reach a decision in seven months.  However, we have noticed on their web site that there is a one-year backlog on most applications.  The paperwork to live in Greenland must first be sent to Denmark, then to Greenland and then back to Denmark for final approval.

Today, we received a packet from the Danish Immigration Service and I told Carole that it is impossible that we have received an answer this early.  "It's got to be bad news," I thought.  "O ye of little faith!"  But it wasn't bad news!  It was our Permanent Residence Permits!  We are now Permanent Residents of Greenland!  Praise the LORD!  However, since our children are minors, they cannot have permanent residency until they turn 18 years old.  We also Praise the LORD that our little illegal alien, Matti, received residency and is now a legal alien!  

This is a great milestone in our life and ministry!  Another miracle by our Great God!  It was just a few years ago that we were told we would never be able to get into Greenland as missionaries.  Now we are permanent residents with a small, but growing ministry!

The door to Greenland is OPEN!   "With men this is impossible; but With God All Things Are Possible!!!  The harvest is plenteous, but the laborers are few!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pop-Pop and Ben's visit (Pic heavy post)

 "Time flies when you're having fun" is so true!  The (almost) two weeks my Dad and nephew visited went by way too fast.  We had a wonderful time with them and made many memories to cherish for years to come!

Under the Midnight Sun
Although Dad cannot speak the Greenlandic language he was still able to communicate through Chris and with "sign language."  We had people stopping by and inviting us to their house just to talk more with Dad.  Many folks lingered long after church to listen to what he had to say.  We won't be the only ones looking forward to his next visit!  People can tell when someone cares about them even if there is a language barrier in the way!  He also preached to us in our English morning service and the kids really enjoyed the nights Pop-Pop led family devotions.

This man is a whaler, he usually gets 40-50 whales a year.

Ben was also a real blessing to us and our church people!  He tuned the piano shortly after his arrival and then he played for our church & prison services while he was here.   He is a very talented young man and it will be exciting to see how God uses him in the future.  For the past couple of months he has been studying Danish from an app on his tablet and was able to communicate in basic Danish!  He was not content to just use Danish but was constantly asking Chris and the kids, as well as their friends, different words and phrases in Greenlandic.  Ben definitely had a desire to communicate with the people here and worked hard to make that happen during his short visit.  Our young people really enjoyed Ben being here.  He made such an impact on one teenager, that they plan to stay in touch.  This young man cannot speak any English so Ben will get more practice in his language learning!

While here, Dad with Ben's help put a new floor down in the church kitchenette.  It's beautiful and really brightens up the room.  

Christopher and Anna spent many hours hiking and biking with Ben and showing him around our town.  We all spent a lot of time hiking in the hills and seeing the many different views of the icebergs surrounding our town.

Dad and Ben were able to go dog sledging, seal hunting, boating to another village, were able to try some Greenlandic foods, go to a kaffemik, and experience the prison ministry firsthand.  Dad really spoiled the kids with many gifts from America and spent so much time with them while he was here.  The kids loved having Pop-Pop here to play games with them, read to them, take walks with them, etc...  The kids sure love their Pop-Pop and he is a great, hands-on grandpa.  I kept telling him he could go to another room for some peace and quiet, but he informed me he can get that at home and that he was here to spend time with his grandkids!

All the snow in May was a new experience for Ben from Virginia!  

Dad caught the burden to see these towns and villages reached with the Gospel through a boat ministry

Ben was a great example and good friend to Christopher and Anna.  Both want to play the piano as well as Ben some day!

Ben really enjoyed his time at the Top of the World!

These pictures are just a few that we took while they were here.  We really, really hope to see both Dad and Ben again in Greenland some day, but during this visit we made plenty of great memories to last a life-time!  We love and miss them both and are VERY thankful for this time we had together!