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New Feature - Ask the Missionary!

A new feature is being added to the Blog! This will involve the whole family. Yours and ours J

From time to time we receive emails with many questions about our lives and ministry here in Greenland. Some of them are from supporters and others are from people interested in Greenland as a prospective mission field. We often get asked the same questions many times over. It will be a help to you as well as to us if we have a place where many of your questions are already answered. We love to talk about the place God has placed us and are so glad you enjoy learning more about this beautiful land and the people who live here.

Email any questions you may have to and then watch the blog for your question and our answer! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

The Purpose of our blog has changed through out the years. It began as a way to keep our family updated on our lives here with plenty of pictures of the kids! It evolved to keeping not only our families up-to-date on our lives, but also our supporters up-to-date on the ministry here in Greenland.  We’ve also added a few features for future missionaries. It is our prayer that this blog will be a blessing and encouragement as well as a base of knowledge about the mission field of Greenland.

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 at a Glance!

It's hard to believe the year 2016 is drawing to a close! This was one of our most exciting years of ministry here in Greenland! We also celebrated a few milestones as a family! 

In February, Anna Grace entered the teen years. She loves reading, knitting, crocheting, and playing the piano. She's been a sweet blessing to us and is a huge help in the church. She's usually busy behind the scenes cleaning bathrooms or washing dishes.

This was the year we started the boat ministry! What an exciting adventure that was! It was an incredible experience to visit other villages and to hand out Gospel literature to people who have never heard the Truth. All the kids participated in hanging bags of tracts and literature on doors as we explored new towns. We are so excited about the future of this ministry and can't wait to see the Gospel go even further. 

We had many visitors this year. My sister-in-law and nephew brought the year 2016 in with us! When summer rolled around we had an awesome visit with a supporting pastor from the Washington DC area. Shortly before the boat arrived we were excited to welcome Pop-Pop the Sailor Man back to our home! My Dad stayed with us for two months as Captain of the Boat and the kids LOVED having a grandparent close by for such a long time!

During this time we also moved into our new home. It's an amazing story and one I will share on here soon, about how God opened the doors for us to get this house and what a blessing this house is to us!  It's been just wonderful to live apart from the church and to be able to use the whole building for church use. The dining hall has become a very popular place where people enjoy visiting over tea and coffee. We plan to (in this new year) knock down some walls to make the "Sanctuary" bigger so we can fit more people in the building for church!

We had a church group from Michigan visit and how exciting it was when they painted our new sign! They also made and brought with them new magnets for the Jeep and Boat! We changed the design of the sign to a family instead of a man, and it was awesome to see it hanging on the building!

Two teens from Iceland came to visit and we feel as though we have two more kids that just don't live with us. It was a great visit and our kids loved the hours they spent exploring together and just being with other Christian teens.

Another supporting pastor came to visit in August and he brought his wife and daughter. What a blessing they were. Months before they arrived I asked the Lord to bless their visit and to help us to become friends. He answered. Even though we just met a few months ago I count her as one of my closest friends! Anna and her daughter also became close friends. It was definitely a blessing from the Lord!

In mid-August it was time to get the boat out of the water and winterized until next year! Shortly after that we said Good-Bye to my Dad and are already making plans for next summer. 

Matti started kindergarten this year! It's hard to believe all of our children are now in school. We've left the days of babies and toddlers and have now entered the school kid and teen years! It's been a lot of fun so far, although there are times I miss those baby days.

Chris's parents came for almost 2 weeks in September and we had a wonderful time with them! Our kids hardly ever get to see their grandparents, but when they do they all make the most of every moment! We make memories to cherish for years to come!

In September we welcomed back our former song leader and his wife. They moved to Denmark 3 years ago, and what a blessing it is to have them back! They have definitely brought new life to our church! Our Kids' Klub has been growing with a whole new group of kids coming out. It is so nice using the whole building now... Kids' Klub goes so much better with the extra room!

In December one of the kids' dreams came true when we brought home a puppy! Many times before we've tried to get them a puppy, but the puppies always died before they were old enough to leave their mothers. SO... this time we went and got an older puppy and the kids love him! His name is Nanu (Greenlandic for polar bear) and he's already part of the family. Time will tell if we add to this "family" to have a dog sledge team!

This was the year I hit 40! It's not as bad as I used to think it would be :-) I've been very blessed to serve the Lord alongside my husband and children here at the Top of the World! I can't wait to see what the next decade will bring!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Another Birthday!

I've hit the Big 40! Chris and the kids made sure to give me an awesome birthday! Chris took me out to town for an hour or so and when we came home we were greeted with noisemakers and a decorated house! The kids were so excited to throw a 40th birthday party for me. I'm so blessed with such a great family!♥︎

We are all chuckling about my "real Greenlandic" Birthday. Chris and the kids wanted to take me out to eat, but yesterday discovered that the restaraunt is closed until January 2nd. So, they decided to make frozen pizza for supper, but were unable to find frozen pizza in any of the stores in town. The girls went to make a chocolate cake but needed more cocoa and again.... none was found in any of the stores in town. Instead, they used some of our hoarded chocolate chips to melt and make a delicious cake. When they went to make the peanut butter icing they only had a small amount of peanut butter and again.... none is available in town.  Still the icing was delicious, and was made even more so by the peanut butter cups the girls saved especially for this day. 

All in All, my 40th birthday has been the best one yet! I'm surrounded by a loving family and enjoyed all the phone calls and messages from family far away! ♥︎

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Preacher & Linda
Pastor Mike Gangemella was my “Preacher” since I was 16 years old.   He was a special Pastor, one of a kind!   He pastored only one church and was faithful to it for over 33 years!  He gave his all and loved his flock.  He battled a very painful cancer, yet was still preaching two weeks before his passing!  His preaching always fed the soul.  He never had a dull message.  As a teen, I remember all the times Preacher and I went on visitation together.  How he was so happy to see folks coming out on visitation.   When I was still young and wet behind the ears, he would ask me to preach.  It was under his ministry that God called me to preach and later called me into missions.  That reminds me of the chair incident…Preacher made me sit in “the Chair” during my ordination service.  However, I got him back at his 20th anniversary service when I was asked to preach!  J

Preacher was a man of prayer.  Before each service, I would go into his office and we would pray together.  When he prayed, you could feel the presence of the LORD.   He spent much time on his knees.  I always knew he was praying for us.  I believe his prayers helped us through some really hard times on the mission field.   When we first arrived to Greenland and had no housing, no money, and Carole was 8 months pregnant, I called Preacher from a payphone in town.  I broke down on the phone to him.  He reminded me that we were bringing the Gospel to a land in darkness and the devil was not happy about it.  And then he said these words, “Put one foot in front of the other.”  One step at a time!  And we´re still following that advice today!

Preacher is one of the reasons why I started holding services in the local prison here in Ilulissat.  Every time I go into the prison, I think of Preacher.  I remember all those times that he went into Gander Hill prison in Wilmington, DE.  Many times, he went in alone, yet he was faithful to that ministry.   I longed for him to visit us in Greenland and wanted to show him our prison ministry.  Quite different from Gander Hill, but I knew Preacher would be pleased to see the little prison ministry North of the Arctic Circle!

Preacher always had a heart for missions.  He was so excited to see us take the Gospel to a Pioneer Mission Field.  Another man called out of our church has been laboring in Honduras for many years.  The church under Preacher´s leadership has generously supported each of us from the very beginning.  Over the years, many missionaries have been encouraged and blessed by our Pastor & his wife Linda.  Preacher asked that no one "waste" money on flowers for his funeral, but instead give to the missions program at our church.  

I can’t remember Preacher without mentioning all the football, baseball, hockey, and basketball games!  I was just thinking about his makeshift basketball court that he used to have outside his house.  I remember all the foosball & ping-pong games at church.  How I tried so hard to beat Preacher.  Sometimes he would even let me score some points, so the score would look closer at the end.  The last time we were back in the States, we played chess.  I had him good…got his queen right from the start, but somehow the game ended in a stalemate!  Preacher was very competitive and once again he beat us all….He is the first among us to meet the Saviour face to face!

We love you Preacher!

“Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?”
–Proverbs 20:6

Preacher Mike´s Obituary

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Our New Addition

An Early Christmas Gift for the Kids!
Nanu (Greenlandic for Polar Bear) Our Greenlandic Sledge Dog Puppy

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Shull Family! 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Boat Ministry DVD

Please contact us if you are interested in seeing a short (5 minutes) DVD of the boat ministry.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Grandparents Visit!

Chris's parents were the last visitors of the summer and we had a wonderful time with them. The visit went way too fast but we made many great memories we'll always cherish!
Since we live away from the church now they had a private place to stay. The kids LOVED having sleepovers with Grammy and Granddad, and just spending time getting to know their grandparents better.
Our children are blessed with a Godly heritage on both sides of their family.
Of course it's always sad to say "Good-Bye" but we are so thankful we had this time together!

They've arrived!

The kids with Grammy and Granddad

The Men

Grammy taught the kids how to tie dye. Everyone had fun!

At a Kaffemik

Checking out The Gospel Boat!


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Launching out into the Deep!

For YEARS we have prayed and dreamed about a Boat Ministry to reach the outlying towns and villages in the Disko Bay. We always thought it would be far in the future when other missionaries would come to this Pioneer Mission Field, but God had other plans! With God ALL Things Are Possible!
For the past two years YOU, our friends and supporters, have prayed for and given to this Boat Ministry and this summer we Launched out into the Deep!
We are praising God for providing a Captain and a Boat to begin this missions outreach!

The Captain!
This ministry would not be possible without our Captain Steve Nissley! He has worked tirelessly on finding the right boat at the right price, raising money for the boat and then taking care of all the details on his side of the water to get it shipped to Greenland.
Now that the boat is here he has been piloting the boat safely from village to village as well as doing minor maintenance when the need arises.
We are so blessed that not only is he the Captain, but he is also "Pop-Pop the Sailor Man"! The kids are thrilled that their grandfather will be spending summers with us in Greenland!

Iivangkiiliu literally means "The Gospel"
The Lord has provided the perfect boat for this ministry! It has two motors, a "top deck" for seeing out over the ice, sleeping quarters, a kitchen and bathroom. It is also nice that the cabin can be heated using a generator!

A kitchen
Very comfortable sleeping quarters!
A place for seal hunting on the way to and from villages.

This summer has been a learning experience for sure! We've learned in Pioneer Missions that nothing ever goes as planned! It doesn't help being in a very remote place where things are done differently and where spare parts are not readily available.  The shipping company decided to charge us more than double of their original quote price.  We had trouble getting permission and finding a place to store our boat when on land.  Then it was quite an ordeal just getting the boat in and out of the water.  Since there were no available spots by the docks, we had to anchor our boat in the harbor and use a raft to get back and forth.  Someone kept "borrowing" our raft and several times they did not even return it.  It would turn up drifting somewhere in the harbor.  Another time, a line got wrapped around our propellers.  While we were on the boat, several smaller boats ran right into ours!  We also had some mechanical problems with one of the motors... It's been one thing after another!  
Working on the Boat

BUT, all that pales in comparison to the joy we feel sailing into a village for the first time, meeting new people and sharing the Gospel with those who have Never heard the Good News of Salvation! Thank you for your part in this ministry! We are thrilled to be able to take "The Gospel" and Launch out into the Deep!

Boat Ministry - Qasigiannguit

Population - 1,200
This town was reached with the Gospel Boat

Boat Ministry - Ilimanaq

Population - 60 
This town was reached with the Gospel Boat

Boat Ministry - Oqaatsut

Population - 50
This town was reached with the Gospel Boat

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Quick Update!

My Dad was here for nine weeks to help get the boat ministry up and running. We had a wonderful summer and are so excited about all that was accomplished! Dad left today, with plans to return even earlier next summer. We loved having him here and really enjoyed the time spent with him. 

Updates on the Boat Ministry and other summer happenings will be coming soon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

More Great Visitors!

It was great to have the Cassel family visit! Pastor Cassel and Bethel Baptist church have been supporting us for years, but we had never been there and had yet to meet the pastor and his family. It was great to finally meet them and I'm so glad he brought his wife and daughter along! Anna was thrilled to make a new friend and is happy to stay in touch across the miles. Even though this was the first time we'd met, it felt as though we'd known each other for years! The Lord knew I needed this time of fellowship! It was a great time of fellowship, laughter and encouragement.

The Cassel Family


They've been praying for and giving to the boat ministry for so long and it was exciting to take them out to experience the beginning stages of this ministry!

We took the boat to another town to have a whale dinner at the restaurant.
It was also our 16th wedding Anniversary!
Thank you so much Pastor Cassel, Jenny and Jessie!

Until we meet again!

The Cassels provided special music in the prison and in our church services. We've been enjoying their music CDs for years and it was great to hear them in person! The music and message was a blessing and encouragement to this missionary family.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Visitors from Iceland

Last year during our time in Iceland we became close to two teens in the church. This summer they came to see us! We enjoyed every moment with DanĂ­el and Bjartmey. They're not just friends, but two extra kids in our family☺︎

The teens spent hours exploring the Greenlandic countryside and spending time on the Gospel Boat.
Daniel helping stuff bags for the villages
Bjartmey and Matti

The Boys

Eating lunch on the boat

Enjoying the "top deck"

The "top deck" was a favorite spot

The girls in an abandoned house

We were still in the process of moving during their visit.
Here the boys are washing windows while the girls enjoy Icelandic
candy ☺︎ 

Come again soon, Daniel!

We miss you Bjartmey! 

See you later!