Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Our New Car!

A few years ago, we returned to the States on a short furlough. We had several couples come and fill in for us while we were away. One of the couples were missionaries that had served on the same mission field for over 40 years. While they were here, our Jeep broke down on them several times.

We did not have a vehicle our first 6 ½ years in Greenland. We walked everywhere and we were in great physical shape. 😊 Then a family that was attending our church, gave us their Jeep. We put a lot of money into the Jeep to get it running and have spent a lot of money to keep it running. It has given us many fits, but we have been VERY thankful for it. It changed our lives and it would be hard to go back to walking.

This missionary couple that filled in told me that our Jeep was a piece of junk and that we needed a new vehicle. He said he was going to pray that we get a new vehicle. We laughed it off, because we knew that was impossible. The cost of a used vehicle is about 4 times higher than you pay in the States, so a new vehicle was out of the question. That missionary couple sent us a thousand dollars to start a vehicle fund and got another church to contribute a thousand dollars.  

To complicate matters even more, the missionary couple said they were praying we get a vehicle that seats all seven of us. In our Jeep, our 5 children sit in the one back seat. It wasn´t too bad 6 years ago, when they were much smaller. However, now it is pretty comical seeing all 5 of them squeeze into the back of the Jeep. As we drove around town, our Jeep would hit bottom each time we hit a dip in the road. As a good father, I would get upset and warn the kids that we would soon have to walk, because our Jeep is going to fall apart.

The missionary couple has since retired and sold everything they had. One day, he told me to check our bank account…then he told me to check it again. There was money in our account! He started looking online at the price of vehicles. He wrote and said check your account again. Then he said to check again! It brings tears to our eyes just telling the story how God used a missionary couple (giving their retirement away) to supply a new vehicle for our family!

We now have a brand new vehicle that seats 7 people comfortably and even comes with a 5 year warranty! No more car bills...at least for 5 years! The story of Sarah laughing in her heart when God told her she was going to have a baby in old age comes to mind. With all that we have seen God do, why would we ever laugh or question whether something is too hard for the LORD! With God All Things Are Possible!

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Hand to the Plow

20 years ago while sitting in a mission´s conference, I listened and watched the veteran missionary as he showed pictures of Arctic Canada using an old slide projector. I remember thinking to myself, “There´s no way I could ever go to a place like that.” However, that night I surrendered to go to the mission field. I started praying and asking the LORD to send me somewhere that did not have too many missionaries. Be careful what you pray for! Greenland came to my mind and I began praying about this land. At first, I did not even know if anyone lived there, so I got an Encyclopedia from the 70s and starting reading about Greenland. This was before Google. Sure enough people lived there! Greenland with its little towns and villages looked like another world. It was amazing that up to that time, I had never heard much about Greenland, but started hearing about it everywhere. One day, I overheard the 6 o'clock news mention Greenland. Another time, there was an article in a local newspaper about Greenland. And then in one of my Bible College classes, the professor (out of the blue) mentioned Greenland. He said, “You never hear of missionaries going there.” I had not told a soul about Greenland. I felt like I was in the twilight zone! However, when I talked to other missionaries seeking confirmation of my call to Greenland, several told me that their situations were very similar.  

Our International Family 🇺🇸🇮🇸🇬🇱
The next step was to inform the young lady that I was in a long distance relationship with. I called her and told her the LORD was directing me to go to Greenland. This young lady seemed unfazed by the news, so I asked her to marry me and she said yes! The call of Greenland has been a part of our lives for the last 20 years now, half of my life. A lot has happened in that time! We thank the LORD for using us to get the door open and for allowing us to start a work here. We thank the LORD for our children, three of which have been born on the mission field. A lot has been done and there is still much more to do. As I look back over the last 20 years, I have very few regrets. Knowing what I know now, the one thing I would change would be all the unnecessary doubting and worrying. The LORD has taken care of us and He has done the Impossible in our lives over and over again! I challenge any young people reading this to give your best years to the LORD! Serve the LORD now while you are young! The desire for many young people is to make money and follow their dreams. The love for this world has stopped many from following God´s call. The world´s strong appeal has turned many away from God´s will. The LORD will not ruin your life. On the contrary, He will give you life and give it more abundantly. You will not regret serving the LORD, especially when you stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Pop-Pop the Sailor Man

We enjoyed another summer with Pop-pop. My Father-in-law (AKA Pop-pop, the sailor man) comes every summer to captain the Gospel Boat. Together, we visit villages located in and around the Disko Bay that are cut off by land and air. We all miss him, especially the grandchildren.
Even with a language barrier, he makes new friends with the Natives each year. He has Natives hugging him and saying, “My friend.” He has now visited us 5 times and has learned the culture and the people well. He even has friends in other villages that I have yet to meet. With over 40 years of ministry experience, he is a people person. I always enjoy his fellowship and have gleaned much from him.  

This year was extra special as we were able to take Pop-pop along on a reindeer hunt. He was our guide. He had never been reindeer hunting nor had he ever been hunting in Greenland before. He did have one thing in his favor…over 50 years of hunting experience! On our first day, he led us right to the reindeer! We had a great time climbing mountains, finding horns, shooting reindeer, coming back down the mountains and eating at the airport restaurant, the ONLY restaurant in town.
One day, he told us to go ahead up the mountain and he would meet us at the top. Chip and I trekked up the mountain in record time, about 3 hours. We waited and waited and waited for Pop-pop. We started worrying about Pop-pop. We thought, climbing this mountain 2 days in a row might be too much for a 69 year old man. We went half way down the mountain looking for him. Finally, we decided to go back up the mountain, praying he somehow passed us. There he was about a mile ahead of us! Thank you, Pop-pop for the good memories! We hope we can do it again next year!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Gospel Boat Update - Hunting Trip

Continue praying about the Gospel Boat. The new motors are in the boat, but we are having some difficulties getting the one motor started again, so the boat is still on land. Still planning to get it in the water before summer´s end. 
Today, Bro. Nissley, Christopher, and I will be heading to another town to hunt. A native friend has been asking us for years to join him on a reindeer hunt and this summer we made plans to do just that. We are looking forward to it and hoping to fill our freezer. Pray for our Native friend. We have known him for years and he has asked many questions about the Gospel and expressed interest in attending our services. Pray this trip is profitable in more ways than one!
With God All Things Are Possible!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Gospel Boat Update

We have had one setback after another with the Gospel Boat repairs.  Bro. Wright went the cheapest route to try and save us money by buying 2 short block motors.  This meant, we had to use many of the parts from the old motors.  Unfortunately, some parts did not fit properly, were dangerously cracked, were in disrepair or fabrication was needed to make them work.  Each time we need a part, we have to order from the States which means another two-week delay.  LORD willing, we have reached our last delay!  One more part should arrive next week.  It will be a short season for the Gospel Boat, but we are praying that we can at least get her in the water and test the 2 motors.  If any issues arise, then we can address them before next summer.  We hope for an early start next year!  As we have experienced from the very beginning, the devil does not want us here and does not want new territory reached with the Gospel. But With God All Things Are Possible!