Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Gospel Boat Update

We have had one setback after another with the Gospel Boat repairs.  Bro. Wright went the cheapest route to try and save us money by buying 2 short block motors.  This meant, we had to use many of the parts from the old motors.  Unfortunately, some parts did not fit properly, were dangerously cracked, were in disrepair or fabrication was needed to make them work.  Each time we need a part, we have to order from the States which means another two-week delay.  LORD willing, we have reached our last delay!  One more part should arrive next week.  It will be a short season for the Gospel Boat, but we are praying that we can at least get her in the water and test the 2 motors.  If any issues arise, then we can address them before next summer.  We hope for an early start next year!  As we have experienced from the very beginning, the devil does not want us here and does not want new territory reached with the Gospel. But With God All Things Are Possible!

Tuesday, July 02, 2019


Qasigiannguit - "Spotted Seals"
Population - around 1,000
NO Gospel Witness


Qasigiannguit is a town that we have visited several times with our Gospel Boat and it will be a main focus of our boat ministry once the Gospel Boat is sailing again.  It is one of the larger towns in Greenland with a population just over 1,000.  It is located 44km south of Ilulissat on the other side of one of the fastest moving Glaciers in the world.  The ice that is calved enters the Disko Bay and can sometimes make sailing difficult and dangerous.  

We have been praying about starting a permanent ministry in this town.  Our desire has always been to Launch out into the deep to reach the regions beyond.  Please pray for Qasigiannguit.  It is a very remote place without a Gospel witness.  There is no airport.  During the winter, there are helicopter flights weather permitting that cost around $800 for one round trip ticket.  During the summer, there is a regular boat service that costs around $150 per one round trip.  Of course, we would use our Gospel Boat during the summer.  

There is currently a building for sale.  It has been on the market for sometime.  The more remote, the cheaper housing is.  Of course, nothing in Greenland is cheap!  We recently visited the town to have a look at the building. This town would make for a great place to begin a new outreach.  There is a high school located in the town where teens are sent from other towns and villages.  They live in dormitories while in school.  What an opportunity to reach out to these teenagers!   

There is a man that I have casually known for 12 years.  Just last summer, he asked if our children could get together once a week, so his kids could learn English.  This man works for the government, the same office that owns the building for sale.  While we were looking at the building In the other town, the man showing us the building told me to contact the head guy in Ilulissat who just happens to be the guy we get together with every week.  Just a coincidence????  We will find out!  Please pray for God’s Leading!  It would be exciting to start a ministry in a new town and minister in the Native language from day one!  

                With God All Things Are Possible!
The Building currently for sale

The Heliport
These kids were showing Matti a bird they just caught

Village Children

The Harbor

Matti and an Iceberg

Matti enjoyed her time alone with Mom and Dad while the other kids stayed home.

The Graveyard and Football (Soccer) Field

JR and Cheryl Wright 

The Iceberg from our hotel window

We saw whales from the window.
This iceberg is the same one pictured above, it broke and turned during the night.
We also saw seals from the window.

The boat not only delivered passengers but the mail as well

Loading up all the packages
Picking up the mail

A Greenlandic Lighthouse - a barrel holding a light post
This is on a small island outside of the harbor
Looking for the best way through the ice


Friday, June 21, 2019

Greenland Celebrates National Day!

June 21st is not only the longest day of the year, it is also Greenland's National Day. It's always a opportunity to experience Greenlandic Culture up close and personal!
Seal hunters head out about 8:30 and the first one back with a seal wins a rifle.

The Seal

Entertaining the crowd

It's traditionally the woman's task to skin and clean the seal

Many People left with a piece of the seal.

It's "Finger licking' good"!

Jonathan getting a few pointers on using the dog whip

Christopher using the dog whip
Jonathan won a box of chocolates!

Anna Grace


Jonathan and Mattaliina

The Wright Family's first Greenlandic National Day

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Thank you!

Thank you so much to all who participated in Christopher’s Graduation Service. We were challenged, encouraged and blessed by the messages and videos sent to Christopher. His heart was touched by the outpouring of love, support and promises of prayer by many of you. Thank you for taking the time to be a blessing to our son!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Christopher Michael Shull, Jr. Class of 2019

Our son Christopher is officially a high school graduate!  His Graduation was Sunday, May 19th. We celebrated with a party with the Wright family on Monday the 27th. Nate Wright also finished high school this year so we had a joint party to celebrate the accomplishment of both young men.

Christopher's senior speech was a challenge to himself and all of us to be more like Daniel. Christopher challenged us all to purpose in our hearts to be pure in our thoughts and actions, to purpose in our hearts to pray, and to purpose in our hearts to pursue God's will.  

The Highlight of the Graduation Service was the special touch given by all of you who sent videos and messages! Christopher's heart was touched when we and his siblings took turns reading the many messages to him. The messages were interspersed with the videos others of you sent. It was a special service and we're so thankful for the part you all had in helping us celebrate Christopher's graduation!

We're so pleased with the young man Christopher has become. He is praying about God's direction for his future. He works two jobs and is faithfully serving in church. He has applied for permanent residency in Greenland and his next step will be applying for his Danish Citizenship. Danish Citizenship will open doors to him in all of Scandinavia.