Monday, April 20, 2020

Another Ministry Update

I was driving through town the other day and saw a man that used to come to church until he moved away.  I gave him a ride and found out that he had recently moved back to town.  He told me he had been planning to come to church again.  He said he would come this Sunday with his girlfriend.  Carole and I picked them up Sunday morning.  His girlfriend works at a gift shop in town.  The first thing she mentioned was how well-mannered our children were each time they came into the shop.  She commented on all the groups that come to visit us and stop in the shop.  Then she mentioned the man with the cap and beard who would come in with his grandson.  She said he is such a nice man.  Of course, this man is Carole’s Dad (Aka, Pop-pop the sailor man)  Wow, this young girl has been watching our family for years!   When she saw my Facebook message and realized that my preaching was in Greenlandic, she told her boyfriend she wanted to check it out, especially since he already knew us.  Then after church...Bro. Wright told me that they had also invited her several times to the service.  It is a small town! :-)

After church, the man mentioned his favorite Bible verse.  I asked him if he had seen our bulletin board.  His favorite verse was on the board!  He had not seen it.  He then asked Carole when she did that.  Carole had just finished making it Friday.  He couldn’t believe it.  He said he is always amazed at how God is like a “conductor” orchestrating his life.  It seemed like a divine appointment.  

The hardest part has not been getting people out to church, but keeping them coming.  Please continue to pray for this couple.  For years, we have stayed in touch with people that have moved away.  Our desire has always been to start ministries in these towns and villages or send a missionary to them.  However, it is a delight to have someone move back for a change!

Missionary, if you aren’t seeing much fruit, just stay faithful and friendly!  (I Corinthians 4:2)

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Coronavirus Update

Ilulissat has reopened! The country is still shut down to outside travel, but life in Ilulissat is back to normal. All government offices and schools are open again. Of course, everyone has to remember to wash their hands. ๐Ÿ™‚ There are currently zero cases of the virus in Greenland. All 11 people that had the virus are healthy again. 

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Ministry - Family Update

Hello Everyone!  Many of you have written us privately through email or other avenues asking how we are doing during this Global Pandemic. 

Ministry-wise, there have been some changes. The Prison is allowing no visitors, so the prison ministry is on hold until further notice.  Our Kids’ Klub is also on hold right now while school is closed and our town is under quarantine.  We are still holding church services each Sunday, even though sometimes it is just us and the Wright family.  Some have told us that they are now thinking a lot about death and religion.  Many Greenlanders are fearful during this time which has given us several opportunities to share the Gospel.

For our family, life is business as usual.  We can still grocery shop, go to the post office, attend church and, of course, the great outdoors is our backyard!  We’ve experienced no shortages in our grocery stores, and the supply ships continue to come as they are able.  Actually, for the past two years we haven’t experienced the normal “spring shortages” that we had been used to every spring.  Our stores have stayed stocked and the ships continue to make deliveries.  We live in semi-isolation as it is.  With no road system, and each town secluded from the other, life under quarantine is not much different than life without quarantine!  We already celebrate birthdays & other holidays with just our family.   There really isn't much to do in town except go to the stores, post office and church...and those are still open.  Most of the recreational activities our family participates in are done outside or in the comforts of our home or church building.  Once again, we can still do these activities.  So life is pretty normal still for us! 

We had planned a furlough this summer with plans to leave May 12th.  Right now we are unsure if we will still be able to make those plans. I can assure you that there are several young people in Greenland praying they can go to America this summer.  It has been 3 years since they’ve seen family and friends in the States.  We are praying and hoping we can go back, but not sure if it will happen...But, With God All Things Are Possible!

Our hearts go out to all of you that are experiencing hardships during this time: Loss of jobs and especially the loss of church!  At a time when people need the church the most, it is heartbreaking that the doors are closed.  However, we Christians can shine bright during this pandemic and be used of God to bring hope to the lost.  Though Churches are closed, we Praise the Lord for modern technology that allows pastors to continue to connect with their congregations.  We pray the time will be short until everyone can assemble together again!  Until then, stay healthy & enjoy this extra time with your family! 

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Update from Greenland

UPDATE: Because of the uproar it caused, the government will not give police the authority to enter a home without a court order. That is good news! The police do have the authority (with a doctor´s permission) to take people and force treatment on them if they suspect they are sick. No more coughing in public! ๐Ÿ˜ท. This new legislation gives police a lot of power, but the Prime Minister has assured everyone that this power will not be abused. ๐Ÿคจ


As of now, Greenland has 10 cases of the coronavirus and zero deaths. All these cases are in the capital city and all travel between towns has been stopped. Greenland has no road system, so the only way to get from one town to the next is by air or water. The government hopes that this will prevent the virus from spreading around Greenland. All international flights have already been stopped.

However, these measures are not satisfactory enough for the government of Greenland. Tomorrow, the Parliament is holding a special meeting in an attempt to quickly pass new legislation that will strip away the people´s basic rights. They want to eliminate the need of a judge and give police the authority to enter private homes without a warrant. They want the police to be able to enter a private home if they suspect someone is sick. The police will have the authority to take people away and force vaccines or treatment on them. (The irony is that sick people have been calling the hospital asking to be tested, but the hospital tells them they are not sick enough.) The police will also have the authority to enter a home to make sure there are not too many people gathered together. If this law passes, it will be in effect until December 2021! Thankfully, people are speaking out against this power grab. As a result, several political parties are uniting in an attempt to prevent the party in control from passing these new laws.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Road Less Traveled

The following article was written in 2010 and we recently pulled it out of the archives. To date, there is a missionary family on the field here with us and another on deputation to Greenland. With God all things are Possible!
When we think of Pioneering, we think of Adventure. We think of every young boy’s hero, Daniel Boone, the Trailblazer. There is a lot of adventure with being the first one to discover a new world. It is exciting to be the one making inroads into a new territory that has never been chartered before. What an adventure Daniel Boone had as he blazed the trail into that wilderness! 
Pioneer missions is similar. What an adventure it has been to be the first Baptist missionaries into this spiritual wilderness! How exciting it has been to bring Good News from a far country! We have seen God do the impossible over and over again. We have seen God open the door to Greenland and give us the authority to invite others to this pioneer mission field. Wouldn’t you like to join the adventure and claim an unreached village for Christ! 

When we think of blazing a trail, we think of Danger. It is not easy being the first ones. There are always things you never expected or planned on happening. On one of Boone’s trips, his son was captured and killed by Indians. This scared the settlers so much that they went back East. In those early years, most settlers traveled in large groups to better protect themselves against the dangers on the trail. Boone gained his fair share of battle scars to prove the dangers of settling a new territory. How we admire those brave men who sacrificed all to cut a road through the wilderness in hopes to find their “American Dream.”

There are dangers and trials lurking ahead of the pioneer missionary that he can never be fully prepared for, because no one has gone before and helped prepare the way. He can take classes, read books and do all he can to ready himself, but the path is an unknown path with unforeseen hardships. It is by God’s grace and by the prayers of His people that the pioneer lives to tell another day. Greenland has had its fair share of unforeseen trials of which I don’t have the space to go into. Missionaries are not involved in Missions in order to pursue the American dream, but to pursue the mind of Christ and fulfill His last commandment on this earth, “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature!” Pioneer missions isn’t about staking land, but about claiming souls for Jesus Christ! 

Lastly, when we think of cutting that trail into the wilderness, we think of Loneliness. The men with pioneering spirits were no doubt some of the bravest men to ever live, but sometimes even they got lonely. How many brave men have fallen, been wounded, or lost heart on this lonely path. Boone left family and friends behind and found 30 people willing to cut a trail through the wilderness. It was a lonely feeling being alone in that seemingly “God forsaken” wilderness. 

The Arctic is by far one of the loneliest and isolated mission fields. There are no malls, no Wal-Marts and, of course, no McDonalds. Sometimes we are blessed just to have food on the shelves in the grocery stores. As bad as that sounds, the most disheartening feeling is the lack of Christian fellowship. There are no other missionaries in Greenland! There is no one to share the work with. There is no one to be encouraged by. On most mission fields, there are several missionaries within driving distance of each other. There is no doing that in Greenland - a place where there are No roads connecting the towns. The only way to get in or out is by plane. One plane ticket to the next town costs around $1,000. Imagine coming from the US. The cost of getting here has discouraged many from even visiting this spiritual wasteland. Our town of 5,000 is small in size and sits on the Disko Bay surrounded by mountains. Winter lasts around 9 months bringing with it 3 months of darkness and lots of snow. Imagine being stuck in such an isolated place with no way out! Yes, it is overwhelming. For years, we have begged God to send someone to help and encourage us on this needy mission field.

The Wilderness Road that Daniel Boone carved through the Cumberland Gap was at first steep and rough and could only be passed on foot or horseback. As more and more traveled this road, it was widened and made to accommodate wagons. Twenty-five years after Boone’s first attempt at trailblazing a path through this wilderness, over 300,000 men and woman followed the path he had marked.

We are slowly making a path into Greenland. The more folks that trod this path, the easier it will be for others to follow. Wouldn’t you like to be a Pioneer and tread where no Baptist has trod before!

Trailblazing at the Top of the World,
The Shull Family in Greenland