Wednesday, December 06, 2017

A Few Thoughts from our Furlough Fill-Ins (Part 2)

During our three months in the States we had three different couples fill in for us. We asked them to share on here their experiences in Greenland. We thought you all would enjoy seeing Greenland through a different set of eyes!

Hello, we are Tony and Dyan Lossing. When we saw the need for three couples to take care of the Shull’s ministry in Greenland, we volunteered! This was a chance for us as a couple to go on a missions trip to experience  what it´s like to live, and minister in a different country.  Once we arrived (after 2 days of travel!) we were welcomed to Greenland by snow falling from the sky! it was quite the sight! We spent the first few days under the great care of the Missionary Family before us (the Turpins) as they guided us in what to do, and what they had learned. They were a huge blessing to us.

Tony and Dyan Lossing
After the Turpins left, we began to prepare for the Kids Club, Church Services,  and do a little touring as well. There is no place like Greenland that’s for sure! We enjoyed walking for most of our time there. I do not think there is a “Bad View” in this whole town. It is Beautiful. The colorful houses, the mountains, the Ice bergs, the dogs and many more things make this place breathtaking. We were able to walk on many of the hiking trails they have here as well. Also walking around town we got to see the people. Many people walk to and from places here. Another thing we both noticed is that many of the people like to look and smile at you! I’m assuming, it’s because they are kind people, not because I’m funny looking! They really are kind here though! Most accept gospel tracts with a smile on their face!  We didn’t feel unwelcome is what I’m trying to say.  We also noticed the great need here as well. Looks can be deceiving, can’t they? A smile can certainly cover up a world of hurt on the inside. Sadly, we experienced that many here are lost, and under Satan’s grasp. Drinking, Smoking, Murders, abuse, and a sense of hopelessness resides in this country. It was sad to see on Sunday Mornings many people pass right on by the Baptist Church, and head to a church that doesn’t teach them the way to Heaven. To us it seemed many people, especially the older ones, were stuck deep in their traditions. 

On the other hand, we both saw the great need, and potential for the kids/teens here. There are many of them! The kids seem to do their own thing apart from their parents. They, in our opinion, do not hold to the traditions their elders have, but are more interested in the fashions and interests America/Europe would have. I believe this to be a great opportunity!  We both very much enjoyed the Kids Club every Wednesday. Our interpreter was a big help to us during these times. She was able to communicate with them, and go over the verse with them. I like how even though we do not speak the language, we could still interact and have fun with the kids here. 

In our view, Greenland is a Beautiful, Friendly, yet a difficult place to live, and be a missionary. Even after 3 weeks spent here, we can understand just a glimpse of what it was like to be a missionary in such an isolated place. No outside Family, No Christian friends to fellowship with,  No quick trips to the mall in the next town, just your family and, of course God. It really does give one great respect for those who are called and go to places like Greenland.  There is a desperate need of more people to tell them of Jesus. We surely did leave with a great burden for the people here, and people of the the Arctic in general. We also have a  better understanding of what we can be praying for regarding the people who serve here. 

Going on a missions trip can be a fearful thing. Flying, the people, the language, the food, all can turn one away from doing a missions trip. But we highly recommend you put those fears aside, and trust in the Lord. You will not be disappointed! It opens your eyes and gives you a better understanding of the great need of salvation people have all over the World. 

Tony and Dyan Lossing 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Few Thoughts from our Furlough Fill-Ins (Part 1)

During our three months in the States we had three different couples fill in for us. We asked them to share on here their experiences in Greenland. We thought you all would enjoy seeing Greenland through a different set of eyes!

Dear Friends,
      Ruth and I just got back from Greenland where we filled in for missionary Chris Shull of All Points Baptist Mission while they were away on furlough. Less than two weeks after they left Greenland, tragedy struck their church.  The teenage son of our interpreter from English to Greenlandic was brutally murdered. He was only 17 years old. A short time later, someone smashed some of the church windows in an unsuccessful attempt to break in. On top of that the Shull’s 1998 five-seater vehicle continued to need fixing.  As we tried to evangelize, we found that the ancient occultism religion was mixed with lifeless non-evangelical “Christianity” which immunized the folks from the Gospel of Salvation.  It did, however, blend in easily with the charismatic “church” in town.   And we thought Norway was a difficult mission field.  Please pray for the Shull family in Greenland.

James and Ruth Turpin - Missionaries in Norway

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Be a Blessing!

Can we ask a favor? We would like you all to be a blessing to a lady in our church! Her teenage son was brutally murdered in August. It would greatly encourage her to hear from other Christians around the world. She can understand simple English, so just a postcard with a short note to let her know you are praying for her would be a blessing! We’d love to see her mailbox flooded with postcards from fellow believers around the world! As a side note, this lady has never traveled outside of Greenland, so receiving postcards from all over the world would be something very special for her! If you would be interested in this project, please send us a message and we will pass on to you the needed information.


The Greenland Gang in Yellowstone National Park

We are Home in Greenland! 
After a whirlwind 3 month furlough we have returned home! During our 12 1/2 years on the mission field we've been back in the States for a total of 13 months. Needless to say America is quite the adventure for our kids. Our home and ministry were in good hands during our time away. We were so blessed to return home to missionary Scott Suttle (the only Independent Baptist missionary in Denmark) waiting for us at the airport. His wife and children were at the church with a meal prepared and helping hands with all of our luggage. It was the first time we've ever returned home and not had to prepare a meal or wait for the house to heat up! We enjoyed a couple more days of fellowship with the Suttle family.  Our furlough began and ended with the Suttle family. We stayed with them a couple of days in Denmark before heading to America, and they took care of the ministry here for the last three weeks of our furlough. We share a common bond as both families are ministering to countries in the Kingdom of Denmark, and we enjoyed hearing how God miraculously opened the door for them to that needy mission field! It was a blessing for our kids to see their friends again, and it gave us a taste of how nice it will be when the Wright family arrives here in Greenland next year!
The Suttle Family showing us castles in Denmark

Missionaries to the Kingdom of Denmark - The Suttle Family and the Shull Family
In the coming weeks we will post about our furlough. We traveled thousands of miles through 25 states and two countries. We were able to see and experience many wonderful things during those three months. Pictures and more details coming soon!

While we weren't able to see all of you we were so blessed to be able to see many of you! We cherish each new friendship made and words will never convey how much we appreciate your prayers and support. There is nothing to describe entering a church and being approached by strangers who know us and have been praying for us and our ministry for years. It is awesome being a part of the Family of God! 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Just another day on the Mission Field!

We've only been gone a month and a lot has happened in Greenland in that time period! This morning we got a phone call from the missionary holding the fort there, and he informed us someone tried to break into the church during the night. Thankfully they only broke the windows and didn't get all the way into the building. 
We appreciate your prayers as we deal with this from far away! Also please pray for the missionaries there as they are dealing with this in a strange land, in a strange language, with people they don't know!