Saturday, January 05, 2013

Happy New Year!

Once again we enjoyed the fireworks display that brings in the New Year with a BANG!  The Arnold family joined us for supper, games and the early fireworks.  We all went outside for the 8pm (which rings in the New Year in Denmark) and Matti was thrilled with the cold air and bright fireworks.  She was still wide awake at midnight and loved watching the fireworks from inside the warm house.  She was so excited with everything and wasn't able to get to sleep until 2 am.  We spent the rest of the week helping Matti recover from her very late night, and are still in the process of tweaking her bedtime and nap-times!

Monday starts a new school year for us and we are excited about getting started with fresh new books, etc...  We also have some new plans for the church and are looking forward to implementing them and seeing the church grow.  We've been blessed with many visitors and several new people faithfully attending.  We are ready for a new year in the work here.

Happy New Year from the Top of the World!  May this year see us all faithfully serving the Lord!


  1. What a beautiful picture! Happy New Year!

  2. !!!!Happy New Year!!!! Praying for a fruitful year for all of you in Greenland :)!!!
    Beautiful picture.


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