Monday, February 27, 2017

Suicide claims another victim

Thursday morning when we arrived at the church building we saw the neighbor lady shoveling out her car. We chatted with her for a few minutes. Her husband is a cook on a fishing boat and was at sea for the past six weeks. She was excited that he was getting home Friday and was getting the car all ready since he is the one who drives it.

Sunday morning we arrived to church to see an ambulance parked in front of their house. Soon after our arrival we saw a body being carried out of the house. When we knocked on the door no one was home.  Later that day we returned to visit. As Chris knocked on the door and went in the house the husband immediately told him his wife had committed suicide that morning. Broken hearted he grabbed onto Chris sobbing. He found her body that morning and in shock left the house until the ambulance and police came and removed her body.

Please, please pray for this man. He is at the lowest point in his life right now. Pray for us as we minister to him. Pray we can be exactly what he needs during this time and that he will come to put his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Also, please pray for our kids. Sadly, this isn’t the first person we’ve known that has committed suicide, but knowing that we arrived there shortly after it happened, seeing the police officer with his camera, the body being carried out... and it was someone we have known for a long time... has been really hard on the kids. It was difficult for a few of them to get to sleep last evening. They kept remembering talking to her one day and then seeing her body being carried out of the house 3 days later. They can't get the image out of their minds. 

The forces of darkness are here fighting for the souls of men and women. But Greater is HE that is in us, than he that is in the world! We need to keep pointing people to Christ while shining a light in this dark place.


  1. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. The man could have been abusive to his wife and she couldn't bear the thought of him coming home. Happened recently to a neighbor of mine. She killed herself because of her abusive husband. I wish I knew that he abused her when she was still alive.

    1. I am so sorry about your friend. You are right, we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. That's why we need to keep doing what we can to share God's love with those around us.

  2. heart breaking on every level. Praying, as always, many times a day for your work & family.


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