Monday, March 19, 2018

Our Blessings!

For the last 13 years, we have been raising our 5 children on the mission field which is the only home they have ever known. When we first arrived to Greenland, we had little ones in hand while we tried to survive and navigate this country & culture without the help of anyone.
My wife and I did everything on our own. With 4 kids five and under, it would take us 40 minutes just to get all their winter gear on and out the door. No car, no babysitters, no friends, no grandparents, no uncles or aunts, no Walmart, no fastfood, nothing but bare necessities and hard work! Now we have teenagers! We used to be told “just wait until they´re teenagers” accompanied with eye rolls and sighs. We are there now…And loving it! 
My son spends hours shoveling snow, setting the church up for services, children´s club, etc., helping with building projects, carrying plywood in minus 40 degrees, painting, visitation, etc. Our daughters spend hours cleaning up the church, baking (from scratch) for church activities & prison, serving people, babysitting so parents can hear the Gospel, etc. Our children have become fellow laborers in the work, NOT ONCE have any of them complained. We are blessed! We have some real servants and I know God is going to use them for His glory. 
Not only are our children hard workers, but they are a lot of fun to be around. They have become our best friends! My wife and I just pray that their future mates will enjoy living in Greenland! 


  1. Oh how sweet, the blessings spill over onto us who read this too.

  2. What a blessing! To God be the glory!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. (Proverbs 25:25)
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