Monday, April 09, 2018

A Video Update to our Faithful Supporters!

A supporting church that we have never met asked us for a short video update for their upcoming missions conference. As we began to work on the update, we thought of all our other supporting churches that have never met us or have not seen us in over 13 years! We have decided to make the video available to everyone.
As many of you remember, when we first arrived to Greenland directly from Iceland on April 9th, 2007, we were way under supported. Those were some hard times as we lived in one room without plumbing with 4 children ages 5 to newborn. Yet, by the Grace of God, we learned to be content in whatsoever state we found ourselves.
To try to raise more support while on the field, we sent 500 eye-catching, informative brochures about this overlooked pioneer mission field to churches over all America. We got two responses from it and gained one new supporting church that we had previously visited on deputation. Yes, we tried to handle things in our own way without much success. BUT GOD! Can God furnish a table in the Arctic? Yes, He can!
Today, around 25% of our supporting churches have NEVER met us! Can you imagine a pastor supporting a missionary without ever meeting him? It DOES NOT happen, But WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! I thank God that He has given us the real missionary minded churches that follow the Great Commission and put their money where their mouth is! Out of the thousands of Independent Baptist Churches across America, there are only a very few that support missions in Greenland! And many of them have sought us out! That is very humbling! We are so thankful for ALL our missions-minded churches and missions-hearted pastors. By the way, there are churches in 7 countries supporting this work!
We have heard many horror stories about supporting churches and pastors and it always causes us to thank God for each & every one of our supporting churches! Thank you! You have no idea what an encouragement it is to us every time we think of how much you believe in missions that you support a missionary family you have never met or have not seen in years.
By faith, my wife and I left everything behind to go to a mission field that no Baptist had ever gone to before. By faith, we are Pioneer Missionaries, yet we are not alone! You are holding the ropes! Holding the ropes for a family that many of you have never met and many of you have not seen in a very long time! With God All Things Are Possible!
Of course, a big reason we have not met many of you or seen others of you in so many years is because we have been alone on this pioneer mission field. We have now been on the mission field for 13 years and have only been back to the States for a total of 13 months in 4 short trips. We are the only missionaries here, so we can’t just leave for long periods of time. Thank you for your understanding & your faithfulness!
Now that we finally have help on the way, we hope to visit each of you on our next furlough!


  1. This is awesome! I feel like I've really met you now! I hope you'll do more videos... how exciting to visit such a foreign land through the Internet.

  2. What a blessing! Thank you for making the video and posting it here.

  3. I Love video updates!! So neat to see the town and the whole family! :-)


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