Thursday, February 23, 2017


The Greenlanders never cease to amaze me. They have to be the most rugged people in the world! It has been freezing cold for weeks and the harbor is pretty much closed due to ice. However, the fisherman have made a "temporary harbor" out int he middle of the bay. As you can see in the picture, the Bay looks about frozen over as well. The fishermen still make paths through the ice and go fishing! If only us Christians had the same fortitude to go fishing for men!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Anna Grace is 14

Anna Grace is now 14! She loves to read, crochet and practice the piano. She is a HUGE help to us in the ministry and you can usually find her in the kitchen washing the dishes (willingly and without complaint!) after every church activity. She's becoming a sweet young lady and we are so blessed that she is ours ♥︎
Anna loves cake decorating and wanted to do her own cake

Our Teenagers!

The Whole Crew!

Anna Grace

Kunngip Klubbia

Welcome to Kunngip Klubbia! (King's Club)

This club was started about three and a half years ago and has been a challenge and a blessing to the church here. We've had as few as five kids come and as many as 27. The past few weeks the numbers have been consistently over 20. It's always exciting to see the kids excited about coming to King's Club.
Game Time!
Each King's Club begins at 6:30 in the evening. We start quietly as the kids come anytime from 6:00 to 7:00. The kids all play board games, card games or puzzles for the first half hour or so. Then we always HAVE to play dodge ball, a favorite of all the kids! Once we are sure most of the kids have arrived, we have our Bible time. The kids love singing songs. When we learn a Bible verse together,  they all get excited for a chance to erase a word on the white board. After Bible time we head to the dining room for snack time. During snack time, the kids that have earned "Baptist Bucks" are able to go "shopping." We have a variety of candy and small toys from America for the kids to trade their "bucks" for.

Snack and Store
Each Sunday the kids can receive "Baptist bucks" by coming to church, bringing their Bibles, bringing a friend and/or parent(s) and saying their memory verse. On Wednesday evening at Kunngip Klubbia, they aren't able to earn any "money," but they do have a great time and are encouraged to come to church on Sunday, and many of them do!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture above speaks volumes. As you can see in the picture a Greenlandic man is teaching the kids a Bible verse. Not pictured is Carole and her helper. Each week a Greenlandic woman comes to help Carole with snack time.  It is a real blessing to Carole to have some help. For years we've done it alone, and to have even a small amount of help is something we don't take for granted! As always our kids pitch in afterwards to help with dishes, cleaning, sweeping, mopping etc... 

Over the past few years we have only had ONE parent complain about their child being out late on a school night. Looking back we now know it was a just an excuse to keep their child from coming back.  We always send the kids home shortly after 8:00. It usually takes an hour to clean up and set the church back to rights afterwards. Without fail on our way home, we encounter most of the kids still outside and roaming the streets. These kids have nothing to do in town and most often find themselves in mischief.  Much of the crime in Greenland is committed by youth 19 or under.

It is hard work, but exciting to be reaching the next generation of Greenland with the Gospel. As the kids grow older, interest in church wanes and they drift away. Few of them return.  A few have gone  away to another village for high school, but always make sure to visit during school breaks.  We pray the seeds planted during this time will take root and a generation will grow to know and serve the Lord as their Savior. 

Friday, January 27, 2017

When Duty Calls...

"Kaperlaq" the period of Winter Darkness
Each year during the darkness of the winter months, there is an influx of depression and hopelessness that sets in.  We have really seen it in our church the last several weeks.   As of this writing, I have been called at least once a day since the beginning of the year to come and help someone in need.  The last few Sundays, we have had several couples and individuals wanting to talk to us after the service.  Some of our counselling sessions have lasted hours.  Last week, one man wanted to speak with us, but after waiting a couple hours while we were counseling another couple, he went home.  We were tired and were up late the night before helping someone.  However, I strongly felt the LORD leading me to go to this man’s house.   I got my right hand man and we went to visit this fellow in his shoe-box sized house that has no running water or plumbing.  When we walked in, we could see how glad he was to see us.  He started bawling and talking about how he had been contemplating suicide.  He has had his fair share of troubles and trials, but he knows God loves him.  We were able to encourage him and then prayed with him.  I am so glad I followed the LORD’s leading and made that visit.  It would have been devastating to have heard of his suicide.  The very next day, he stopped by the church to tell me that he wants us to come and start holding services in the government run nursing home where he works.  Please continue to pray for him and the many others that share their burdens and hopelessness with us.